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Personal Letter From The Desk of

Unicorn Logic Trading


Hello. Thank you for your expressed interest in becoming a profitable and successful trader. Honestly, I can’t think of a better career, I love trading. It’s unlike any business venture on the planet in terms of potential returns, lifestyle, and mental freedom. However, for these benefits to be realized one must know how to be a successful trader. My partners and I, are taking it on our shoulders to show you the path. This means everything you’ll learn will come from the source, us.

Not long ago we too were struggling in attempts to become winning traders. Endless ups and downs, losses, and sleepless nights. Back then. we longed for the right education and tools to become successful. I rather not see anyone go through the stress we experienced. Giving away our resources to an endless number of internet marketing trading courses. You know exactly what I’m referring to and who these “gurus” are. These companies are all over the place. Asking for thousands of dollars and teaching literally nothing. You can’t turn on your phone or search the internet without being bombarded with their market gimmicks.

At the same time, there are several wonderful opportunities in the market. Many are fantastic. When it comes to us, we care about your success. We have added our personal touch. This personal touch is expressed by limited enrollments! By design, the program takes in only 20 new students each month which allows more direct attention. This is a major reason our program is in high demand. All our manual trading strategies were internally created and can only be found here. Once we have you fully trained and profitable, we’ll ask one favor. Please spread this to others. Become a teacher to your loved ones and beyond. Pay it forward. Tell others and show others how to change their lives as you have. After all, it is you and your results that act as testimony.

In return, you’ll see what we have embedded in your mind cannot be taken away. Once you’ve learned our concepts, teachings, and tools, you’ll want to share them. It’s a thing of beauty. And best of all it will bring a new outlook on life. Providing financial freedom, security, and knowledge of knowing how to feed your family for generations to come.

Thank you in advance and see you in our next classroom soon.

Unicorn Logic Systems